Personal growth through the “Traveler’s Gift”

No matter the industry or business one is in. It makes no difference whether one own’s a business or work for someone else. Most people want to achieve more-become more-earn more than they are. To get beyond where one is in life, one must do something different today than one has done in the past or the results will be the same. In other words, If you keep doing what you have done the last five years, you will achieve the same results the next five years. Doing things differently requires education and personal growth.  Bottom line is that personal growth is the key to achieving greater levels of success.

What is personal growth? It is the expanding of one’s mind to encompass more information to become an expert at success. Whoa, an expert at success? Absolutely! Through education anyone can be an expert in any field whether an engineer, architect, doctor-these all take a strong education yes, but if one can become an expert at success-they can achieve more than they ever thought humanly possible.

There are three key areas to becoming at expert at success.

  1. Associate with people who are successful, that are where you want to be. Pick their brain about their daily activities and rituals, engage their help when possible. Successful people, in my experience, are always willing to share their knowledge because they understand the old Carnegie addage-you will always achieve what you want by helping enough other people get what they want!
  2. Attend success principle seminars, webinars, etc. These don’t have to be huge events with big name speakers all the time, although I have learned immense amounts of principles from leaders like John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Randy Gage and others. But look at local or regional events. Many of these will have some great speakers that bring vast amounts of information on success to the table.
  3. Read success principle books or listen to Books on CD. This is the easiest to accomplish because these books are readily available, relatively inexpensive, and one can read or listen at their own convenience. I try to read a minimum of 2-3 books per month, which helps to maintain focus on my goals and achievement of success.

The book I just finished is “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews. This is a fantastic book covering the seven decisions that determine personal success. The fictional story integrating the 7 decisions is outstandingly written with common language that makes it a very simple quick read. Although I found when I was done that I spent much time going back to the principles for clearer understanding. I am currently reading Andrews newest addition to the Traveler’s Gift which was just released: “The Final Summit”. I highly recommend these books for anyone who needs to climb out of their comfort zone to reach new levels of success.

Of course these books would help anyone, but I thought it amazing how they so easily seem to lend themselves to our business. Any Direct Sales organization should make this required reading for the leadership to attain higher levels of success within the business realm.

Although it takes more than just reading to reach your personal success goal, it is a great start. You can become an expert at success-just follow those that have done it and always, always, always keep growing.

To Your Success!

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